by Michael Schwengel

Hello LWN’s! Hot off the press is this video featuring my new friend Mariano from Argentina, who shares his story about being an empath / intuitive and what he’s learned along the way. The Universe is conspiring to bring all of us love bugs together to learn from one another and create authentic, peaceful, and empowering relationships.

Thank you MARIANO! ** Lightworker Ninja **

“When I started following my real thoughts, things start happening, and the world seems to conspire to reach what you are looking for. I think it’s always good to hear opinions or different points of view, because everybody needs some help to make you see another possibility. But when another opinion tries to change your real thought, you just have to keep trusting yourself and going forward. Nobody can be inside your mind, so why are we trying to be inside theirs? Nobody knows you more than you, so please don’t waste your time thinking about what others think about you. If you don’t hurt anyone, just do it. This is what i’m trying to do right now.”

Michael Schwengel

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