"When I start saying 'I'm trying to figure it out'... it's never going to be MAGIC." - Sue Rasmussen

by Michael Schwengel

Sue Rasmussen coaches women entrepreneurs on how to break the cycle of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and busy into a new way of being and doing business that is aligned with their truth. Her latest book “My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy” is an Amazon Best Seller, and provides wisdom and tips to live and do business through joy and with great efficiency.

Over the course of our hour together, we talked about the association between inner and outer space, dealing with being an empath & introvert, the beauty of selfishness, and more.

If you’re interested in reading Sue’s book, simply send her an email at sue@suerasmussen.com to request a free copy.

Otherwise, you can find her book on AmazonĀ here.

More about Sue and her work at:


Michael Schwengel

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