The Weekly Scorecard

In addition to regular mindfulness practices like meditation, I have found building systems and rituals into my life to be a very helpful way to stay grounded.

One such tool that I have been using for some time now is a Weekly Scorecard. I use it to keep track of all the different areas of my life that I want to keep in balance, and check in with myself on a weekly basis.  I’ve created this as a Google Sheets Template that you can copy and use for yourself! I’d love to hear if you find it to be a helpful tool for you or if you have any questions.

Included are some example Areas of Focus: Spirituality, Family, Friends, Finances, Business / Career, Creative Expression, Fitness / Health, Love / Romance, Nature / Exploration, Volunteering / Service, Time Management, Self Care / Relaxation.  Be sure to tweak this to fit your own needs.

Similar to the Orchestra Model, the point of this tool is to take inventory of the different parts of ourselves and our lives without judgement.  It’s important to stay in the role of the kind and loving Conductor while using this tool.  The point is to see and honor the entire orchestra of your life, learning how to create better balance over time, not to blame, should, or shame yourself.

Click the button below to access in Google Sheets. Then choose File > Make a Copy.

Access the Google Sheet

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